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Eight Legal Minds to Follow Online

Whether you are a seasoned lawyer who has been practicing for a few decades or are just getting a start on your online law degree, the right resources can be an important part of your success. The internet has made it easier than ever to follow key industry leaders and get a clearer understanding of what is changing in the legal field, without the need to invest in paper journals and spend hours pursuing field magazines. Yet, the vast amount of information available online can create a challenge when it comes to finding the right information. Here are some of the top experts to consider following as you grow your legal knowledge and understanding:

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Associate’s Mind

Associate’s Mind is the brainchild of Keith Lee. This Birmingham, Alabama lawyer has a passion for helping other legal professionals find their way in the field. The website and blog have been in operation for six years and provide tips for both professional and personal life to help lawyers transition from amateurs to professionals.

Young lawyers and experienced lawyers who want a competitive edge in the current market can subscribe to Associate’s Mind and receive news and commentary on the industry as well as strategies for personal and professional development. The site covers everything from technology to interpersonal relationships and has been quoted on popular sites like the Wall Street Journal Law Blog and the National Jurist.

Attorney at Work

Attorney at Work sends law practice tips to its subscribers every morning, helping them better manage their time, draw in new clients and grow their businesses. The goal of the newsletter is to provide “one really good idea every day for enterprising lawyers.” In addition to the daily newsletter, Attorney at Work has a website where legal professionals can dig a little deeper into current industry news.

Attorney at Work partners with skilled and experienced lawyers to provide original articles and information that you won’t find elsewhere. Here you can find a comprehensive network of practice tips covering all areas of legal work, including everything from accounting to client interactions. This is a one-stop shop for professional development, and it’s all available for free. Attorney at Work has made it into the Blawg 100 Hall of Fame.

The American Lawyer

If you are looking for a source for news related to the law field, The American Lawyer is a great resource. The American Lawyer is the website of the award-winning magazine with the same name, but it provides the real-time updates that are not possible with a print resource. Receive news and analysis about current legal trends, as well as resource information and tools to help you grow your practice and remain competitive.

One of the benefits of following The American Lawyer that you may not get from other resources is information from the surveys and rankings they provide. If you are looking to reach the top of the legal industry, surveys like the AM Law 200 or The Global 100 will help you see where you need to be.

ABA Journal

The ABA Journal is the magazine of the American Bar Association. Like other sites, provides breaking legal news and analysis, as well as anecdotal stories to contextualize pertinent, current legal events. Intermixed with news, you will also find tips and tricks to assist you in your practice.

What makes ABA Journal unique is its mixed media approach. The site appeals to a variety of audiences via several different mediums. For instance, in person and online events are highlighted on the site’s calendar, including talks and conferences that students might be interested in. The site also hosts a unique technology conference specifically geared toward lawyers.

Another medium the site utilizes is the increasingly popular podcast. The site showcases a series of options that allow readers to go more in-depth with specific topics or themes. From “Asked and Answered” to “The Modern Law Library” and “Legal Rebels,” the podcasts allow students to get a taste for discourse outside of their academic environment.

California Lawyer

Though it has a focus on providing help for lawyers in California, California Lawyer is quickly growing into a trusted source for legal professionals across the country. Tips, tricks and news are all available, including regular roundtable discussions, to help budding lawyers grow in their understanding and their practice.

California Lawyer also has a unique section dedicated to legal ethics. The article in this section are written by practicing attorneys and allow students to experience real world ethics issues from multiple points of view. Lawyers and students alike can benefit from this section alone, as it can almost immediately inform how they approach their cases and studies.

California Lawyer has an impressive editorial advisory board made up of experienced legal professionals, thus the information presented on the site is well vetted and trustworthy. The site also offers unique, helpful self-study MCLE opportunities that can be extremely valuable for lawyers and students who need to fulfill continuing education requirements.

All in all, this is a great resource to add to your toolbox as you seek to better understand the role of the modern legal professional.

Law 360

Law 360 has law news and analysis broken down by practice area. These in-depth stories and articles provide deep insights into changes in the modern legal field. This can be a rich resource for today’s lawyers, but the service is not free. Access to the articles requires a paid membership subscription. To determine if Law 360 is right for your needs, you can sign up for a seven-day trial subscription.

Arbitration Nation

Are you curious about arbitration decisions? Does arbitration play a role in your practice? Arbitration Nation provides recent news on arbitration decisions as well as analysis of what those decisions mean. In fact, for those in arbitration, this may be the best resource to follow for updated information in this particular field.

The Gen Why Lawyer

Millennials are taking over in almost every field, including law. These Generation Y lawyers have a unique set of insights to bring to the legal world. The Gen Why Lawyer is a blog dedicated to providing a place for Generation Y legal professionals to grow and connect. It offers a weekly podcast and articles as well as a social media community focused entirely on Generation Y lawyers and their needs as they grow meaningful relationships with their clients.

Following professional sites such as these is key to growing your legal knowledge and staying up to date with current industry trends. If you are looking for additional legal education that fits flexibly into your schedule, you could consider pursuing a top-ranked online Master of Laws degree. Consider the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law and its online degree program to help you get the training you need, then follow some of these blogs and newsletters to keep your skills and knowledge current.


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