Career Benefits for LLM Graduates

Infographic about the career benefits of getting an LLM degree.

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The legal profession is going global, and law students and professionals alike can’t afford to be left behind. Obtaining the skills needed to work around the world can open opportunities you’ve only dreamed of. Advance your legal career by thinking globally.

Growing Demand and Specialized Skills

Online law study programs are seeing increasingly higher enrollment, especially from international students. Non-JD enrollment rose 25% from 2016-2017, while non-JD online enrollment rose 53% in the same time period.

Through an LLM degree, international students can improve their knowledge of the US legal system and gain qualifications for global legal practice. US students can also benefit from the enhanced opportunities for specialization that an LLM degree like the one at USC’S Gould School of Law affords.

Diverse Opportunities

LLM graduates’ education is valued globally. From January 2009 – July 2010, over 1 in 4 partners promoted at the world’s 12 largest international firms were LLM degreeholders. That rose to 36% for non-US and -UK firms. Specialties span environmental, intellectual property, tax, securities, family, and business.

A Top-Ranked Program

USC’s Gould School of Law ranks among the top 20 best law schools in the US, and among the first to offer an online LLM program. 70% of its students take the California bar, and there are 11,000 alumni in its global network. Certificate options include Business Law, Entertainment Law and Industry, and Compliance. International students can access training in the US legal system and English language —  25% of USC LLM grads are international. Graduates have become partners in global law firms, company CEOs and presidents, and leaders in government, business, and law.

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