Law and Compliance Certificates

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Welcome to the only degree of its kind for outstanding domestic and international legal professionals and law graduates. For those who want to specialize their legal expertise or grow their career, USC Gould offers the option of earning an online graduate certificate in Business Law, Compliance, Entertainment Law and Industry, Financial Compliance, Health Care Compliance, Human Resources Law and Compliance, and Privacy Law and Cybersecurity.

USC Gould’s online law and compliance certificates are open to international law graduates with an LLB or equivalent degree, and domestic law graduates with a JD degree.

Business Law Certificate

The rise of global commerce is swiftly making U.S. law the international language of business. Earning this exclusive USC credential can increase a student’s marketability with top multinational employers looking for this unique specialization.

Entertainment Law and Industry Certificate

Behind the bright lights of show business are expert legal minds with an advanced understanding of contracts, financial structures and intellectual property. This certificate program prepares graduates to be major players in film, television and media with expertise in copyright and trademark law.

Compliance Certificate

The USC Compliance certificate dives deeply into health care, human resources and regulatory compliance, but offers expertise that can be useful in all areas of business, law and government. The program is designed to promote expertise in compliance-relevant regulations, laws and legal issues, and to prepare graduates to implement compliance protocols in a professional setting.

Financial Compliance Certificate

A legal career in the financial industry requires knowledge of the concepts of compliance and principles of finance law. This certificate can help students understand both — and prepare them to monitor compliance programs for financial institutions worldwide.

Health Care Compliance Certificate

With this prestigious certificate, students can learn the fundamentals of compliance and law as it relates to the health care industry, which can qualify them for director-level roles in risk management, regulatory affairs or medical research.

Human Resources Law and Compliance Certificate

The certificate can guide current or aspiring human resource professionals through the composition, legal principles and intricacies of HR departments, so they can pursue careers in employment law and compliance management.

Privacy Law and Cybersecurity Certificate

With so much sensitive information transferred and stored electronically, having laws in place to protect this data is crucial. Equally important are lawyers who understand the current regulations designed to help companies and individuals reduce potential issues.

USC’s online Privacy Law and Cybersecurity Certificate can help you develop an understanding of the risks and safeguards associated with the way organizations collect and leverage important data. Explore legal framework concerning information privacy in the U.S. and common legal issues and emerging laws in the areas of privacy and cybersecurity.

USC Gould Online Law and Compliance Certificates Curriculum

Offered through the renowned USC Gould School of Law and taught by prominent USC lecturers in law , the online graduate certificates in law or compliance can be tailored to individual interests and career goals.

Top Careers for Law and Compliance Certificate Graduates

Today’s most promising students enroll in USC Gould’s online graduate certificates in law or compliance to hone and specialize their expertise. Upon graduation, these students can be viewed as incredibly valuable and highly resourceful legal experts in the U.S. and abroad, specifically for multinational organizations, international law firms and governments.

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Designed to meet the growing demand for specialized legal experts, the in-demand USC Gould online graduate certificates have earned the American Bar Association’s acquiescence. As the legal profession continues to evolve, no school is better positioned to provide the education for the next generation of legal professionals who will practice on a worldwide stage. Join us.