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1)      What are the prerequisites to apply?

For the LL.M., potential students must have a first degree in law from outside of the United States, and they must have taken the TOEFL within the past two years.

The Business Law Certificate program is open to domestic and foreign legal professionals. This program can be completed within your LL.M. course work to specialize your degree for no additional charge, or it can be taken as a standalone program. TOEFL scores within the past two years for international applicants may be required.

2)      Are TOEFL waivers possible?

Yes, students who have studied at an English-speaking university or who have proof of extensive English knowledge/use may apply for a waiver by writing a letter of request and attaching it to their LSAC application.

3)      What is the fee structure?

Tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is $2,398/unit. The program will be 21 or 25 units for the LL.M. and 12 units for the Business Law Certificate, so the estimated cost of tuition is between $50,000 and $60,000 USD for the LL.M. program and $28,776 USD for the Business Law Certificate program.

4)      How long does it take to complete the program?

Most students will complete the LL.M. program in three to four semesters and the Business Law Certificate in two to three semesters. There are three semesters per academic year.

5)      Can I go part time?

Yes, students are allowed up to 3 years to complete the degree.

6)      Will I have to travel to California?

No, the program is 100% online. For those interested in visiting campus, there is an optional 4-week Summer Law & English program that is available on campus, but it is not required.

7)      How much time do I need to commit per week? Are classes live?

We estimate a full-time schedule will require about 15 hours per week. Most of the course work can be completed in a flexible format as it fits into your schedule. Some classes offer weekly live sessions to enhance the student experience.

8)      Who is this program intended for?

Our LL.M. is designed for internationally trained law professionals who are looking to gain expertise in the U.S. law and legal system. Our Business Law Certificate program is for domestic and international law professionals looking to specialize their skills and gain expertise in business law.

9)      Will the LL.M. qualify me to sit for the California Bar exam?

We can’t guarantee this and urge all students to check directly with the bar. While our program is designed to meet the post-graduate requirements, there are also requirements that must be met at the undergraduate and/or employment level.

10)   Are there scholarships available?

While scholarship funds are limited, students who apply will be considered for merit scholarships. Financial aid is available through FAFSA to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

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