Virtual Law Practice Trends

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For everyone from students just graduating with their LL.M. degrees to seasoned attorneys, the virtual law practice trend is one to watch. After all, it shows that the legal landscape is changing, and that the future of legal practice could look very different.

Telecommuting and Practicing Virtually

Legal jobs are ranked #6 for the largest representation of telecommuters. The first virtual firms in the United States include FisherBoyles, Virtual Law Partners, and Rimon PC. The number of virtual law practices are continuing to rise, and many share the following characteristics:

  • No central office. 
  • All lawyers and company employees are remote.
  • Uses cloud software to manage data.
  • Support staff are hired as needed for projects and cases.
  • Virtual assistants are used for admin work.
  • Employees work from home, coffee shops, or coworking spaces.

Indeed, five percent of all lawyers and nine percent of solo practitioners work virtually.

Online Students May Have an Advantage

For those students who earned their LL.M. degrees online, working virtually would not be a daunting change. These students may be better set up for success as they have honed time management and self-motivation over the course of their programs.

An infographic about the rise of virtual law practices by USC Gould School of Law.

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