Changing Trends in Legal Education

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Enrollment in online education programs have increased nearly 4% year-over-year in the number of distance education students. The availability of online degrees is just one of several ways in which laws school is evolving. As you consider or are already pursuing your Online Master of Laws, here’s what else you can expect to encounter in an ever-changing legal education landscape:

A Changing Approach

The evolving law school classroom is one that is technologically advanced, sometimes in a different geographic location from its students, and more focused on real-world law skills. Legal education is moving toward a more practical and experiential teaching methodology that incorporates technology, competency based learning, flexibility and a practice-oriented focus.

How Technology Assists in Change

Technology is continuing to change virtually everything about our lives – from personal to professional. It is changing the legal profession, and therefore the classrooms that prepare students for it. As an L.L.M. degree online student, you have a front row seat to the revolutionary changes technology has led to in this field. In addition to making online degree options more accessible, technology has driven classroom change by fostering:

  • Flipped learning
  • Online tutorials
  • Adaptive learning models and material
  • Incubation for the public interest

Applications of Your Law Degree

A changing law school classroom means that a new, adaptable and prepared generation of lawyers is emerging. View the infographic below to learn more:

An infographic about top trends in legal education by USC Gould School of Law.

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