5 Reasons Why an Online Law Degree May Be Right for You

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There is strong ongoing demand for online learning services, especially among millennials. In a recent poll cited by the World Economic Forum, more than 77 percent of young people said they had studied online. Clearly, online learning is a trend that continues to grow in popularity among today’s undergraduate and graduate students.

Online education can offer unique degree opportunities in a variety of disciplines, including law. Read on to learn if an online Master’s degree in law may be the right choice for you:

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Online Study Can Be Flexible

Law students enrolled in brick-and-mortar universities must attend lectures and tutorials in a specific location throughout the week. Alternatively, online courses are available wherever students want to learn, and can fit into their busy schedules. Online learners can log in to digital learning portals at any time to interact with other students, and have a larger degree of flexibility than those who pursue their degrees on campus.

This flexibility can allow students to fit their studies for an online law degree into their lifestyles. Parents, for example, may find that online studies allow them to balance family life and education.

Practicing lawyers may find that they can continue working full time and complete studies for an advanced degree during the evenings and on weekends. Many students may find that studying law while working in the field is beneficial because they can relate course material to their experiences.

Online students can also enjoy flexibility in the way they study. Since they don’t need to visit a campus for each class, they can study anywhere they have an internet connection, such as at home, at a cafe, or on vacation.

An Online Law Degree Can Help You Advance Your Career or Switch Paths

Earning an advanced degree can be an option if you want to advance in your profession or switch careers.

With careful research, you can decide whether enrolling for studies in an online law degree program can help you secure the job you seek. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that lawyers need only bachelor’s and Juris Doctor degrees. However, an LLM degree can help aspiring candidates strengthen their résumés. Qualified attorneys may often pursue commercially oriented LLM degrees when considering securing training contracts at commercial law firms, according to All About Careers. The careers information site also notes that an LLM degree is essential for pursuing a legal academic career or working for a non-governmental organization or international organization such as the United Nations or European Union.

The matter of a financial burden may often be eased for students undertaking online study. While those students attending traditional educational institutions may find themselves with little time for work, online students can enjoy the flexibility to work, as discussed above. This increased financial freedom that online study allows can help students decide whether they want to pursue higher education for career advancement or transition.

In addition, Stoltz-Loike noted that some employers can pay for a percentage of their employees’ online tuition if the employer believes that advanced coursework will increase their employees’ knowledge and help with advancement within the organization.

An Online Law Degree Can Help You Specialize Your Career

Degrees such as the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Juris Doctor (JD) have a general curriculum that gives students a fundamental understanding of law. Law graduates who want to narrow their focus and specialize in a particular area can pursue further study with a Master of Laws (LLM) degree.

Entertainment law and business law are some of the areas of law that students can focus on when pursuing an online LLM degree, according to the University of Southern California (USC) Gould School of Law. This further study can help graduates find work and excel in the specialties that interest them most.

Online Study Can Help You Grow Your Contact Network

Online study may seem like a solitary pursuit. On the contrary, online students enrolled in universities with online program offerings can enjoy access to the same networking opportunities their peers in traditional study enjoy.

For example, students who complete coursework to obtain the Online Master of Laws (LLM) degree through the USC Gould School of Law will have access to the Trojan Family network. This network connects students to more than 10,000 USC Gould alumni located around the world.

Networking with peers provides opportunities to discuss the online learning experience and coursework. This engagement can also make studying online more enjoyable than earlier studying experiences, according to Stoltz-Loike. Networking with university graduates and legal professionals is a way to meet mentors and make connections that could lead to paid work or advancement in your field.

An Online Law Degree Could Allow You to Work Overseas

If you have your sights set on a career abroad, LawyerEDU.org states that enrolling in an online LLM degree program could help invite those opportunities. This source notes that this qualification is internationally recognized, so graduates may enjoy job opportunities overseas as well as within the United States. Some graduates who want to work overseas may tailor their online studies to this goal by focusing on areas of global significance, such as international arbitration. With globalization making international experience more valuable than before, according to Study International News, pursuing an advanced law degree could be important to advancing your professional career.

If you are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in law, consider an online LLM degree from the University of Southern California (USC) Gould School of Law. The online LLM curriculum can be completed over four semesters in 10 courses.

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