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Online Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Earn the only online Master of Laws (LL.M.) offered with a graduate certificate in Business Law.

100% online

Complete your LL.M. degree 100% online in as few as 3 semesters.

Business Law Certificate

U.S. lawyers (J.D.) - Earn an online certificate in business law, compliance or entertainment law in as few as 9 months.

10,000 USC law school alumni

Network with more than 10,000 USC law school alumni across the globe.

One-on-one student support

Receive one-on-one student support.



Welcome to USC Law

Welcome to USC Law

Welcome to the only degree of its kind for outstanding international legal professionals and law graduates.

USC is the first law school to offer an online Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree with the option of earning a graduate certificate in Business Law; both of these qualifications can be completed online in just three semesters. Enroll in USC and learn about the U.S. legal system from your corner of the world.

USC Online Master of Laws (LL.M.)

The USC online Master of Laws (LL.M.) is open to international law graduates with an LL.B. or equivalent degree. A J.D. degree alone does not satisfy the eligibility requirements for entry to the online LL.M. program.

Offered through the renowned USC Gould School of Law and taught by prominent USC law faculty, the online LL.M. classes can be tailored to individual interests and career goals.

Designed to meet the growing demand for U.S.-based legal study by international attorneys, judges, government officials, prosecutors, corporate legal counsel, bankers and recent law graduates, the in-demand USC online LL.M. program has earned the American Bar Association’s acquiescence.

U.S. law has become the common ground for international business and is impacting the way we do business on a global scale. As the legal profession continues to evolve, no school is better positioned to provide the education for the next generation of legal professionals who will practice on a worldwide stage.

The online program allows international students to pursue a graduate degree focused in American law while meeting their professional and personal obligations in their home countries. Classes offered online mirror those taught in the residential program.
— Dean Andrew Guzman, USC Gould School of Law

The following link provides information regarding related jobs, cost, loan debt and completion rate for the program: Gainful Employment Disclosure.

USC Online Business Law Certificate

The USC online Business Law Certificate is open to both international students and domestic J.D. graduates who may utilize business law in their career.

This certificate program can be completed as a standalone program or included in the LL.M. required coursework to specialize your degree.

More than 80% of our students want to take the business organizations course. They’re business lawyers, and they’re coming here to learn American business law.
— Donald Scotten, Graduate & International Programs Associate Academic Director

When you earn a graduate certificate in business law online from USC, it signals to employers that you have the knowledge and skills—from organizational and financial aspects to deal making and contract negotiation—important to providing top-notch legal counsel in a business context.

The following link provides information regarding related jobs, cost, loan debt and completion rate for the program: Gainful Employment Disclosure

USC Online Entertainment Law and Industry Certificate

The USC online Certificate in Entertainment Law and Industry is designed for domestic J.D. graduates and international students who wish to pursue a legal career in the entertainment industry.

This program is available as a standalone certificate or in conjunction with the LL.M. degree as a specialization option.

It's extremely exciting to offer an entertainment law program with roots in the entertainment capital of the world, and then to be able to deliver it to students around the world. This is a major breakthrough for legal professionals with dreams of working in entertainment.
— Misa Shimotsu, Assistant Dean of Graduate and International Programs.

An entertainment law certificate from USC tells major players that you have a specialized understanding of contracts and intellectual property. It also signals that you’ve studied at a top-ranked university in the heart of the entertainment industry whose graduates have helped shape film, television and media as we know it.

The following link provides information regarding related jobs, cost, loan debt and completion rate for the program: Gainful Employment Disclosure.

USC Online Compliance Certificate

The USC online Certificate in Compliance can provide international students and domestic J.D. graduates with advanced compliance knowledge that's ready for application in a variety of fields.

This program is available as a standalone certificate or in conjunction with the LL.M. degree as a specialization option.
The compliance field is growing so fast. This certificate program allows us to deliver focused coursework that graduates can apply immediately to help them meet the demand for specialized compliance professionals and grow in their careers. — Misa Shimotsu, Assistant Dean of Graduate and International Programs.
A certificate in compliance from the University of Southern California can help you boost your professional value in business, law or government. This program provides a deep exploration of compliance law and legal issues as they relate to human resources, health care, regulatory compliance and other relevant areas. The following link provides information regarding related jobs, cost, loan debt and completion rate for the program: Gainful Employment Disclosure.

Top 5 reasons to choose USC for your LL.M. or Business Law Certificate

Deciding where to pursue your LL.M. can be one of the most important decisions of your career. As the legal profession becomes increasingly globalized, earning a U.S. Master of Laws degree from USC proves that you can excel in a multilingual setting. Beyond the solid return on investment that an esteemed USC qualification has been known to offer, we recommend that you consider the following factors:

Global Law School Reputation1.
Global Law School Reputation

With a distinguished 100-year heritage of leadership and excellence, USC Gould School of Law is known to be highly selective and recognized as one of the top law schools in the world.

Resources for International Students2.
Resources for International Students

The Graduate & International Programs (G&IP) Office boasts a full team of dedicated staff members who provide international students with one-on-one help regarding course registration, academic support, career development advisement and more.

From admissions and orientation to events and career services and beyond, we are a one-stop shop. Our students like to know that we’re going to take care of them.
— G&IP Director Misa Shimotsu-Kim

Stimulating Learning Environment3.
Stimulating Learning Environment

Our courses will challenge you to be a better thinker, even as you enjoy camaraderie and mutual ambition with some of the brightest student minds coming together from diverse countries, such as Kuwait, Brazil, Italy, France, El Salvador, Philippines, New Zealand, Guatemala, Jordan, Mexico, Uganda, United Kingdom, and China.

There are so many people from so many different countries. The diversity is the best part, finding out how things work in different countries.
— Maria Ochoa, Mexico

Summer Law & English Program4.
Summer Law & English Program

USC offers an optional, enriching four-week summer program on campus that provides excellent preparation for the LL.M. This program provides an introduction to the U.S. legal system while also improving your English fluency and delivering a memorable life experience.

The Summer Law & English Program provided me with the opportunity to study and exchange ideas with other foreign lawyers, bankers, government officials and in-house consultants from all over the world.
— Dandan Fan, China

Worldwide Trojan Family5.
Worldwide Trojan Family

USC law alumni total more than 10,000 worldwide. USC has a strong global presence, and it shows in the fact that our law students come from top universities around the world with impressive credentials. Each year, more than 8,000 international students join USC from more than 100 different countries. Approximately 25% of our graduates are international students.

The LL.M. program was a challenging and very rewarding experience that allowed me to gain first-rate knowledge and understanding of a legal system and academic way of thinking, both new to me.
— Adeline Boulanger Simenon, France

The Career Advantages of a USC LL.M.

Degree and Business Law Certificate

Earning a USC law degree is a powerful credential that you can use to your career advantage. USC’s law school has a reputation that’s known around the world.

In fact, adding a USC Law credential to a resume can help make a great first impression, even before your interview, helping you get the job and salary you want. Other employment benefits that come with earning your LL.M. at USC:

CA Bar Prep
CA Bar Prep

Preparation for the California Bar Exam

Completing USC’s online LL.M. may help you to be eligible for the California Bar. In fact, nearly 70% of USC LL.M. students take the bar exam. Benefits of passing the exam could include significant prestige, salary increase and promotion.

Career Resources
Career Support

Access to USC Career Support

As a USC student, you will receive support to assist your own career development. Your student support team provides resources, opportunities for individual counseling, networking and workshops.

Trojan Network
Trojan Network

Become a Member of the Trojan Family

Research suggests the average law school graduate will change jobs at least eight times over the course of a career. Being part of the expanding USC global Trojan Family Network, one that can help open doors all over the world, can be a real advantage.

Where Do USC Law Grads Work?

Our graduates work around the world in private law firms, government agencies, public interest firms and corporations. They are:

  • Leaders in business, law and government
  • Partners in the world’s largest law firms
  • CEOs and presidents of multibillion-dollar companies
  • Leaders of civil rights movements

USC Gould School of Law and our students have a global reach.

USC Gould School of Law and our students have a global reach.

What Makes USC’s Law Curriculum

Among the Best?

We take a scholarly yet practical approach to expand your legal education.

Our LL.M. program offers a comprehensive yet flexible platform on which to build your course of study as well as your legal career. The USC LL.M. curriculum can be completed in 10 courses over three semesters. The Business Law Certificate can be finished in as few as nine months.

Learning Outcomes

Graduate Training in American Law

  • 1

    Take what you learn in the USC online classroom and put it into practice in your work.

  • 2

    Add depth and breadth to your career by learning different facets of the U.S. legal system.

  • 3

    Become proficient in legal research using Westlaw, LexisNexis and other legal research resources.

  • 4

    Acquire the U.S. legal study requirement necessary to sit for the California Bar exam.

  • 5

    Learn in small classes that promote rich interaction among students from across the globe.

  • 6

    Enjoy a collaborative environment where students view each other as colleagues, not competitors.

USC Faculty

USC Faculty

Accessible Faculty

The USC Law curriculum is taught by faculty members who make themselves accessible because they are personally invested in your success as an international student.

Check out their faculty bios here.